Thank you for your interest in our new site (please keep in mind that it is a very new site and we still have teething problem).  To take up the offer you have received, you need to do a couple of things to help us get you up to LEVEL5 (Things are not yet as automated as they could be!).

STEP 1: Please click on the link below and register. You will be automatically become a LEVEL1 member of our site and that allows you to add one horse for free. 

Step 2: Once you are a LEVEL1 member, please email on the form below and I’ll upgrade your account. (Soon I’ll post instruction on how to add your horses…). NOTE: The email has to be the same as the one you registered with, unless you make a not in the message to state otherwise.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The offer is to upgrade a LEVEL1 member to LEVEL5 for free, for one year. If you decide that 5 horses is too few, you are welcome to upgrade to any of the next levels, and I will discount the price of that level by $25, if you let me know if the form above.

Step 3: Adding your horses – up to 5 in LEVEL 5. Important to note here that you should only add horses that you own, or owned. If you have sold the horses, then the new owner can claim the horse from you. 

“Owning” a horse, in the lexicon of this website, give you the sole right to add content to the animal’s timeline.

After you login, you will see this page. To add your horse, click on ADD NEW

Step 4: When adding horses, there is a couple of steps required. Because this site is intended to be for all horses EVERYWHERE in the world, it is important to add COUNTRY and YEAR to the horses name. Please ignore the OFFICIAL NAME box for the moment, and I will be adding an AKA name file soon. So, if you want to add, for example,  BRIGALOW BUNDY, a Stock Horse stallion, to the database, I would type his name as:

Brigalow Bundy (AUS) 2010

If you are unsure of nation, add (AUS), and if you don’t know the year, take a guess – 201*. These can be fixed up later.

On the year of birth, enter 2010 or if unsure, please leave blank

SIRE: until I can add a lot of pedigree information for breeds other than Thoroughbreds, for the most part, you will NOT find the sire of your horse in the database, but please bear with me! (I think I have a million horses to add.) HOWEVER, please try.  Each week will be different as more and more horses are added. If they are not in the database, leave it as Unknown Sire

DAM: as per the sire, and even less likely for the interim future. Please leave as Unknown Dam.

NOTE: if you own the DAM or SIRE, please add those first, so that when you add the offspring, the horses will be there to be connected to. Start with your oldest horse.

Step 5: After you have add the parentage, you need to add other relevant data. LIVERY and GENDER are drop down tabs, so please select the appropriate one.

EXTANT defines if the animal is still alive or not. If unsure but if it would seem unlikely (ie, the horse is over 20 years old), please select N.

FEATURE IMAGE. At the moment, there is only on image on the horse page; other images will appear in TIMELINE or EQUINOPEDIA as they are added by owners or authors. Please add a small image. Ideal size is 900×600 horizontal.

Step 6: This is where we categorise the horses.

STATUSAt Play (ie, racing, eventing, pony club, etc), At Stud (For Stallions only),  For Sale (in the future this will link to external sites), Historical (all deceased animals), and Producer (Mares at Stud).

BREED – Drop down list. Please select one or two. If they are not listed, please let us know.

COUNTRY AT STUD – drop down list. Optional and allows people to find all, say, Morgan, stallions at stud in Australia.

COUNTRY OF BIRTH – As per the naming above. In the future, assuming the horses in in the database, this feature will allow users to search all for all Quarter Horses born in Australia in 2013.

ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITION – unable to proceed without ticking this box.

Step 7: After you click UPDATE, you will see this:

SEE HORSE goes to that individual’s page where you can add items to the Timeline (Note: we are still working through our errors, so if you have a problem, please let up know. 

ADD NEW HORSE – you start again with a blank page

MY STABLE – lists all the horses that you have added.

Step 8: Please note that all horses have a special ID name called a HID. The HID of Black Caviar is G1E5135. Your horses will have their own HID. You can use it to share your horse’s page with your friends or clients. They don’t have to even bee a member to see it (thought what they can see is restricted). Remember, however, that LEVEL1 membership is free.

If they go the the homepage and click on the register link, and then on the HORSE TAB, if they enter the HID here, it will go to the horse’s page.

(NOTE: If an authorized picture is not added, then there is a generic place holder picture instead. This will change over time.)

END: I hope that gets you up and running. If you have any problems, please use the form below, and I’ll get back to you asap.